Bible Plans

The holy practice of Bible Reading
As God speaks to his Church through the Bible, Christians have always been encouraged to read the scriptures faithfully and regularly. Those who read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest what is taught in the Bible know that God sustains them by that process. Those who have been most prominent in the Christian Faith have all been avid students of the Bible, making a point of reading it as it ministers to their spirits.

Suggestions for reading:
You can read all the lessons in one go, or you can spread them throughout the day: a couple of lessons in the morning, and the remainder in the evening, for instance.  You could also read more than one scheme daily if you have the time. You can even change which scheme suits you as time goes on. The main thing is to try reading as much as you can every day.

Read your Bible, pray every day,
and you’ll grow in grace
Members of the Church of Scotland have all vowed to be faithful in reading the Bible and in prayer.  We want to help members of Cardonald Parish Church, and all visitors to our website to feast on the Word of God.  Thus, in this section of the website, we provide a variety of Bible-reading plans for each day.  Have a look at the various plans listed below, and see which one suits your needs. The idea is that you pick one that suits you, and then persist with it every day for a year.

Bible read to you
It may be that your eyesight is not good or you find reading a computer screen tiring. If the device on which you are viewing this website has speakers, you could have the Bible read to you aloud, and listen rather than read.  Facilities for listening are included in each plan. Of course, you could also read along while listening to the scriptures being to you.